Pillow 123 – Solo

Company: Plus Pillow Inc.

Address: 732 W. Algonquin Rd. Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Phone: 847-228-3030

Web site: http://www.Pillow123.com

Description: Pillow 123 – Solo from Plus Pillow Inc. is a multifunctional home-exercise pillow designed to provide proper neck support and pain relief during exercise. The pillow€™s unique clover-shape design helps provide gentle neck traction, which aids in tension relief, muscle stiffness, and pressure on the cervical area. The pillow also provides acupressure treatment on the suboccipital area to help relieve tension headaches. Pillow 123 – Solo is available in five sizes to address each individual€™s size and body type.


  • Perfect for home exercise
  • Select from five sizes (XS to XL)
  • Each pillow has two sizes (width and height)
  • Educational videos and various exercise programs made available on website
  • Manufactured in the U.S.


Sold By: Plus Pillow
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