BioFlex Professional Low Intensity Laser Therapy System

Company: Meditech International Inc.

Address: 415 Horner Ave. Unit 1, Toronto, ON M8W4W3

Phone: 888-557-4004

Web site:

Description: The BioFlex Professional System by Meditech International Inc. features patented technology used in over 34 countries worldwide. The product provides a highly effective medical solution for a wide variety of pathologies including soft tissue injuries, arthritis, repetitive motion and sports injuries. The products main controller unit can be used in conjunction with computer software or in a stand alone configuration.


  • A library of scientifically developed protocols
  • Patient management software – electronic data retrieval, research platform, progress records
  • Primarily hands free treatment – flexible large surface arrays (180 diodes each).
  • Uses three different wavelengths to heal tissue at an optimum rate – 660nm, 830nm and 840nm.
  • Sold By: Meditech International
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