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Address: 1560 Sawgrass Corp. Pkwy., 4th Floor

Phone: 866-500-8725

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Description: Antalgic-Trak by Spinetronics is a cervical and lumbar articulating ROM spinal decompression system. Articulating decompression allows the doctor to vary the patient’s posture which enables the pull forces to reach into areas of the spine that basic linear decompression may miss. Antalgic-Trak is engineered with two multi-axis articulating sections.


  • Performs rotational and/or straight decompression/traction
  • Provides Circumferntial and/or linear hydration
  • Performs computerized pre-set or manual decompression/traction patterns
  • 3-billable treatment codes
  • Patented flex-fit cervical headpiece and pelvic support system
  • Full training, support, marketing program and warranty


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