The SENTIENT ELEMENT is one of the most powerful and affordable PEMF devices on the market allowing you to choose from long, low-intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high-intensity sessions, or anything in between. Our goal was to create the most powerful and properly designed PEMF hardware devices on the market at the best possible price.

The SENTIENT ELEMENT is the most versatile and most powerful PEMF Device on earth for the common office or common home circuit can provide.

1) Here is why? Ordinary or typical house wiring has a 15 amp or 20-amp circuit for the 120-volt North American electrical systems. The Element is designed with a 2500-watt one-ohm stable amplifier. Your 20-amp house circuit is 2400 watts, this makes the Element more powerful than the largest 120-volt circuit in your home…!

2) Operational Frequencies range from 7Hz to 10,000Hz. Our Earth coil is designed to work extremely efficient from 7Hz to 2,500Hz. We have other coil designs that work in higher ranges, soon to be released for other purposes.

3) We have over 300 continuous Gauss which translates to 150,000 Gauss if we were to cheat and measure the one-millisecond pulse as our competition does. Our Element is a 50/50 duty cycle just like what our God-given natural earth field provides.


System Voltage 120/240v AC
Maximum System Power 2500w
Peak continuous gauss 350*
Chassis Size 10-5/8″W x 8-3/8″H x 15-1/2″D
Chassis Weight 30 lbs.
Coil Size 10.75″*11.25″oval
Coil Weight 10 lbs.
Coil Cross Section 1.5″*1.5″ square
Coil Lead Length 12 ft.
Wave Form any **


Frequency Range 7-10,000 hz ***
Amplifier over drive protection YES
System overheat protection YES
Thermal circuit breaker protection YES
Onboard Timer NO, not needed (signal generator

program controls time)

Number of Programs thousands , depending on software
Max. number of frequencies

at one time

depends on program used

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