Hello This is Khartik from SentientLight. Our PEMF Device is called SENTIENT ELEMENT CLASSIC. We are interested to list our product in your website. Please let me know the benefits of listing our product on your website. I like to talk to someone from the sales team. I like to explore advertising options too. Awaiting your reply. Thanks, Khartik.

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The reasons why we pride ourselves that the SENTIENT ELEMENT is the best PEMF Device.

01 Most powerful PEMF Device Out There

No other machine even comes closer to the power the SENTIENT ELEMENT has. It has a 2500 watt amplifier, which in turn produces an impressively powerful pulse electromagnetic field.

02 Hardware Is Protective

It comes with an overheat protection and a amplifier overdrive protection. These protective measures will help it last a life time.

03 Life time warranty

It is guaranteed! If anything were to happen to the hardware you can send it to us for free repairs.

04 It is the most affordable

We have charts that compare prices with most popular machines on the market today. It is $3,500 and is by far the cheapest one out there.

05 Dual Coil System

We not only have the most powerful PEMF device but also offer a dual coil system. This can give you a greater surface area of pulse electromagnetic field.

06 Effective Range of Frequencies

It has an amazing frequency range of 7 - 10,000Hz. Most of the machines only range from 1-50Hz. These higher frequencies are important because they debilitate the pathogens.

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