Combo Stim TENS Unit

Company: Medi-Stim, Inc.

Address: 217 Industrial Court, Wabasha, MN 55981

Phone: 800-363-7846

Web site:

Description: ComboStim TENS Union distributed by Medi-Stim Inc. is an electrotherapy unit that features dual channel (4-lead) all digital combo TENS and EMS modes. It has the choice of symmetrical biphasic rectangular or symmetrical alternating bi-polar rectangular waveforms.


  • 3 TENS Modes (Burst, Normal, Modulated Rate & Width)
  • 2 EMS Modes (Synchronous, Alternating)
  • 1 preset EMS program and 4 programmable EMS modes with preset default settings
  • Stimulation output indicators during contraction periods
  • Parameter and program locking
  • Treatment timer with Compliance Monitor


Sold By: Medi-Stim
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