Company: NeuroInfiniti

Address: 188 Pinellas Lane #503

Phone: 877-233-0022

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Description: NeuroInfiniti is manufactured to help provide you with the two essential components to unleashing your potential. The first component is the ability to see — and show — how your patients’ nervous systems are functioning, how they respond to stress, how they recover from stress, and how they respond to your care. The second component is to see how the information from the NeuroInfiniti can be used to help adjust the frequency of care, the duration of care, and the intensity of care. The NeuroInfiniti is marketed as being able to completely change the energy in your practice, your patients understanding of health, and your confidence in delivering the level of chiropractic your patients need.


  • Stress response evaluation
  • Bio/neuro feedback
  • Dynamic assessment/not static
  • Accurate and reproducable results
  • Helps measures the nervous systems repsonse to stress
  • Helps allow you to customize care based on patient’s response to chiropractic


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