ScanX 14 In-Counter with In-Line Erase

Company: ALLPRO Imaging, Inc.

Address: 1295 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747-3062

Phone: 1-800-247-8324 ext. 5514

Web site:

Description: ScanX 14 In-Counter unit by ALLPRO Imaging Inc. is a computed radiography system that features reusable phosphor storage plates. The read/erase cycle is completed in 55 seconds for a 14 inch by 17 inch plate. The product is designed for the low-volume x-ray user who wants the benefits of digital imaging but finds the cost of conventional units beyond their budget.


  • ScanX (CR Technology) is engineered to make a straight-forward transition from film to digital
  • One-step scanning
  • The patent-pending, continuous rapid-feed system saves time
  • Designed to load and operate in normal room lighting
  • 3.8 lp/mm and 5.0 lp/mm resolution available


Sold By: Allpro Imaging
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