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Description: Those of us involved in brain research realize that changes in the size of a mapped blind spot before or after any type of treatment would be due to either a change in the actual anatomical size of the optic disc or a change in the brain’s representation of it. It is understood by today’s brain scientists that the changes in the size of the blind spots are due to changes in brain function rather than in a change in anatomical dimensions.Absent retinopathy, the most probable cause of asymetrical blind spots would be due to brain dysfuntion. There are a plethora of reasons for brain dysfunction. Once the brain dysfunction is identified, specific use of the musculoskeletal system and various non-constant modalities can be used to affect changes in brain function.


  • Complete standardization of mapping
  • Increased realiabilty of data
  • Patients can map their own blind spots
  • Computer automatically calulates surface areas
  • Data stored for future testing
  • Easy Before/After Treatment mapping


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