FPR Injury-Free Pregnancy

Company: Feeling Pretty Remarkable

Address: 12 Cranfield Road, Ste. 220 Toronto, ON M4B 3G8

Phone: 888-750-1577

Web site: http://www.FPRprofessional.com

Description: FPR Injury-Free Pregnancy from Feeling Pretty Remarkable is designed to build your practice success with targeted rehabilitation programs to strengthen the pregnant body. Give your patients a safe and effective ways to perform exercises that will work the entire body and can be implemented at any stage of pregnancy.


  • Easy to implement, professionally developed way to offer successful rehabilitative programs
  • Can be implemented within your clinic or at home and support your treatment outcomes
  • A full body strengthening program designed by healthcare professionals
  • Includes exercises designed to progressively strengthen your pregnant body and protect your spine
  • A safe and effective way to help the pregnant patient prepare their body for labor and delivery
  • Can be done in less than 20 minutes a day
  • Sold By: Feeling Pretty Remarkable
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