BioFlex Home Unit I

Company: Meditech International Inc.

Address: 415 Horner Ave. Unit 1, Toronto, ON M8W4W3

Phone: 888-557-4004

Web site:

Description: The BioFlex Home Unit I by Meditech International Inc. was developed to offer an affordable light-therapy system that delivers therapeutic efficacy at a low price. The treatment array is manufactured from a silicone compound designed to be flexible, soft, easy to clean, and water resistant. It is also portable, and can be used to effectively treat soft tissue, sports injuries, arthritis, etc.
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  • Library of scientifically developed protocols. Ability to customize protocols
  • Includes one 120 superluminous diode infrared-treatment array
  • Custom carrying case allows for safe and easy transportation of system components


Sold By: Meditech International
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