FPR Injury-Free Golf

Company: Feeling Pretty Remarkable

Address: 12 Cranfield Road, Ste. 220 Toronto, ON M4B 3G8

Phone: 888-750-1577

Web site: http://www.FPRprofessional.com

Description: FPR Injury-Free Golf from Feeling Pretty Remarkable is designed to help improve your patients golf game and build your practice success with targeted rehabilitation programs for people who golf. Give your patients a safe and effective ways to perform exercises that the pro golfers use to improve their game and strengthen the muscles prone to weakness and injury.


  • Easy to implement, professionally developed way to offer successful rehabilitative programs
  • Can be implemented within your clinic or at home and support your treatment outcomes
  • Progressive rehabilitation program
  • The programs can be completed in less than 20 minutes a day
  • Developed by a team of health care professionals that deal with professional golfers


Sold By: Feeling Pretty Remarkable
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