Created by a chiropractor, HIPAAMATE is a cloud-based software service designed to eliminate confusion and get a chiropractic practice HIPAA compliant with little effort.

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It all started with Dr. Jeff Brown's experience as a practicing provider searching for help with HIPAA compliance. Dr. Brown was disappointed with useless $500 HIPAA manuals, seminars, and the high fees consultants were charging.

He then searched for software alternatives.

Unfortunately, software vendors were using a consulting pricing model. Meaning, they were charging steep fees as if their service required the same level of human interaction. But software is different. Not only should it enable your office to do tasks faster and easier, it should have a lower price tag because software can simultaneously service hundreds of clients, whereas a consultant cannot.

What's a guy to do?

Build his own software, of course! Dr. Brown conjured his software product management experience and began putting pieces together. He then reconnected with former co-workers and software engineers, Matt Williams and Steve Ruland. HIPAAMATE was born a year later.

Let's talk cost.

From an efficiency perspective, HIPAAMATE uses the latest technology and back-end services which allows us to operate, maintain, and scale with far less expense than traditional software development.

To keep other costs under control, our talented founders do the lion's share of day-to-day activities instead of delegating work to employees or contractors.

In a nutshell, we built useful software to fix the HIPAA compliance problem.

Thank you for reading :)

Dr. Jeff

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