Vasyli Dananberg 1st Ray Orthotics

Company: ScripHessco

Address: 360 Veterans Parkway Ste 115, Bolingbrook, IL 60440

Phone: 800-747-3488

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Description: Vasyli Dananberg 1st Ray Orthotics distributed from ScripHessco is marketed as the first ever professional orthotic device containing a removable first ray sections. It’s designed with proximal and distal plugs and can be removed when fitting the orthotic. It ensures the head of the first MP matches up with the removed plug. Both plugs can be removed to provide a larger path of least resistance to the joint and enhances first ray function. It’s intended to be used in cases where maximum effect is required like with structural hallux limitus.


  • High degree of metatarsal control
  • Contains shock dot for heel bone
  • Suede finish with antibacterial FootFresh>
  • Blend of PU (comfort), EVA (control), and rebound EVA (function)
  • Ensures comfort, control, and function
  • Tri-compound construction (TCC)


Sold By: Scriphessco
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