The Markson Connection

Company: The Markson Connection

Address: Boca Raton, FL

Phone: 877-740-1177

Web site:

Description: The Markson Connection’s purpose is to motivate, educate, empower, and encourage a tribe of like-minded chiropractors to reach levels of success never thought possible, utilizing a unique coaching and gathering style. The Markson Connection is unlike traditional chiropractic consulting or seminar programs. It is smaller, simpler, more intimate, more synergistic, and more exclusive. They come together to learn, share, grow, shed, experience, emote, change, evolve, blend, adapt, laugh, and express €“ until you become agents of change for yourself and others as well.


  • Non-members invited to next seminar to “try us on”
  • Updated and modern chiropractic delivery system called Total Team Technology
  • No contracts: They do not want to buy your allegiance, they want to earn it
  • Their private tribal online social network allows our members to connect with one another
  • Twice a month, hour-long webcam discussions


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