Managed Online + Local Computer Backup

Company: Central Data Storage

Address: 3800 VerMaas PL, Lincoln, NE 68502

Phone: 800-422-4607

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Description: Managed Online Local Computer Backup from Central Data Storage aims to provide managed online plus local computer backup dedicated to serving healthcare professionals. These offices specifically need to have an established set of procedures and policies in place for data backup and recovery to protect the privacy and security of patients. CDS uses proven encryption technologies that address applicable regulatory and industry-driven compliance initiatives. Allow CDS to be an affordable part of your strategy with specialized know-how of your practice management software and proper backup procedures. Central Data Storage is said to be chosen by many medical offices for its affordability, expert in-house support team, and keen focus on rapid restores.


  • Fully managed by CDS proactively with 24/7/365 availability
  • Quick seed of data with 3-way backup strategy
  • Long-term archiving of accidentally deleted data
  • Three-way rapid data recovery for near zero downtime in production
  • Fast compression technology cuts storage costs as charge is based on the compressed amount
  • Signed confidentiality agreement & business associate agreements that are now apart of HIPAA/HITECH


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