Strapless Face Mask

Company:          SpiderTech Inc

Phone:                866-270-1753


SpiderTech is a leading kinesiology tape brand recognized as the industry leader in kinesiology tape technology.  With products 100% made in Canada and still maintaining the highest quality and lowest price kinesiology tape roll in the market.

Recently introduced using kinesiology tape technology, a new strapless face mask.  These come pre-cut with a shield pre-installed. They are perfect for the active, because there are no straps behind the ears, making it easier for your stylist. They are also anti-fog, which makes them perfect for people who wear glasses. As with all SpiderTech tape, the fabric is designed to mimic human skin allowing for a comfortable, flexible fit. The fabric is the same 100% cotton, breathable, and elastic kinesiology tape you know and love.

Just snap, stick, and go!

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