SpectraSan 24

Company: BioTech Medical LLC

Address: 7800 Whipple Avenue N.W., North Canton, Ohio 44720

Phone: 800-284-9857

Web site: www.spectrasan.com

Description: SpectraSan 24 from BioTech Medical LLC is a broad-spectrum disinfectant formulated with 24-hour protection. It’s designed to be safe and effective and has been assigned the lowest toxicity rating by the EPA. This product is marketed as odorless, colorless, and nonflammable, and is intended for the use in the healthcare arena.

Features: </strong

  • Kills MRSA, Staph, Influenza A viruses (including Swine Flu) on hard Surfaces
  • Features a 24-hour residual unlike other disinfectants
  • Kills micro-organisms twenty times faster than leading disinfectants
  • First patented disinfectant in over 30 years
  • EPA-registered
  • Noncorrosive, nonflammable
Sold By: Biotech Medical
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