SpinoMed III

Company: Medi USA

Address: 6481 Franz Warner Pkwy. #30000, Whitsett, NC 27377

Phone: 800/633-6334

Web site: http://www.mediusa.com

Description: Spi-noMed III by Medi USA is formulated to provide a significant increase in core strength as well as a marked reduction of hyper-kyphosis. The product consists of rigid moldable supports contained in a garment that is worn like a backpack, allowing for freedom of shoulder and arm movements. As the patients€„¢s condition improves, the product€„¢s posterior and anterior panels are removable to provide greater flexibility and longevity.


  • Dynamic orthosis stimulates the body€„¢s own muscle power, eases patient pain and improves mobility
  • Padded abdominal panel provides additional comfort
  • The anti-migration straps and silicone beads keep the brace in position
  • Special padded moisture wicking material at all contact points
Sold By: Medi Usa