The Core-tex

Company: Function First

Address: 2700 Adams Ave., Suite 205

Phone: 619-285-9218

Description: The Core-Tex by Function First is a fitness tool marketed as the only device that allows for movement in all three planes of motion and whose base translates at the same time. It’s designed to encourage movement and change of direction to maximize the integration of the body’s receptors.


  • Access a higher level of neuromuscular facilitation and integration for the rehabilitating patient.
  • Provide unique and advanced rehabilitation and performance movements.
  • The dynamics of the design keeps the body under a constant biomechanical and neurological demands.
  • Challenge the critical Righting Reflexes of the neck, eyes and inner ear.
  • The design and motion allows the user to self-mobilize joints & increase dynamic flexibility.
  • Recruits oblique myofascial connections between one side of the torso and opp. lower extremities.


Sold By: Function First
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