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CRMA™ is our Science-Based Spinal Injury Technology

Spinal Kinetics is a US based Medical Technology and Medical Services Company.  We are the leading pioneer in the clinical application of our Science-Based Injury Technology called CRMA™. CRMA™ (Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis) which is an advanced x-ray measurement methodology that allows our Board-Certified Medical Radiologists to accurately measure the abnormal intersegmental motion patterns that are resultant from an injury to the spinal ligaments.  Spinal ligaments hold the vertebral motion units in proper and exact alignment for the duration of any activity  that patient is putting their spine through.  When the patient’s spinal ligaments are uncompromised that patient will display no excessive joint motion (EJM©) and will usually be free of the many symptoms associated with this condition.

At Spinal Kinetics, we know that trauma is the leading cause of EJM© and the inherent spinal instability  the often accompanies it. Damage to the spinal ligaments can occur through many varied mechanisms,  all of which can deliver forces capable of damaging these ligaments.

When the spinal ligaments are, damaged or compromised at any spinal level, that damage shows up as  excessive joint motion (EJM©).  This EJM© is easily picked up, measured, and recorded with our CRMA™ Technology  procedures applied to the patient’s stress x-rays. Our Board-Certified Medical Radiologists are the best in the country at applying our technology and our system generates a standard report that is easy to understand and easy to clinically correlate.

For subluxation-based Chiropractors who want to finally prove and validate spinal subluxation and correlate this spinal derangement with their patient’s clinical symptoms, Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis is the most independent and clinically objective way to document your diagnosis.

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