SERIES-5 MyoVision

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The SERIES-5 MyoVision is an FDA-cleared, Class II medical device patented for diagnosing soft tissue injury. It effectively invalidates expert opinion by providing objective evidence of injury proving injury and exposing symptom magnifiers. The device simultaneously measures range of motion and the muscular guarding response during motion, providing a truly objective answer to the age-old question, “Are you really in pain?”

Abnormal muscle activation, known as muscle guarding, is the body’s natural response to pain. By documenting muscle guarding during motion, the SERIES-5 provides doctors, jurors, IMEs and patients with consistent objective outcomes. The SERIES-5 increases sensitivity and specificity of range of motion to a level that improves the accuracy of clinical evaluation. It proves with clinical certainty if a patient is injured and in pain or if they are not. Unlike static evaluations (e.g. MRI, CT or Endpoint ROM), the test is performed in motion, making it a functional test which elicits the pain response.  Further enhancing the SERIES-5 sensitivity and specificity and what lowers the percentage of false negatives is that the test is performed in all motions (flexion, extension, lateral and rotation).

The SERIES-5 utilizes a 100% WireFree technology suitable for clinic use and takes essentially the same time as traditional ROM.  Its proprietary receiver provides sophisticated noise reduction and seamless connectivity to any computer in any clinical environment. It was developed by David Marcarian, MA, a NASA trained engineer who was recently honored with an appointment as Clinical Instructor at the University at Buffalo, Jacobs School of Medicine and Medical Sciences, teaching radiology students how to utilize this new technology. Featured in the AMA’s guidebook “The Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment”, the SERIES-5 is being hailed as the New Gold Standard in injury evaluation.

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