3G Wireefree Physiomonitoring System

Company: MyoVision

Address: 4259 23rd Ave W #400, Seattle, WA 98199

Phone: 800-969-6961

Web site: http://www.myovision.com

Description: 3G Wireefree Physiomonitoring System from MyoVision is designed by a NASA-trained Surface EMG researcher. It’s marketed as the only completely wireless system on the market. Stop getting tangled up in cords and give yourself and your patients more room to move naturally. Using MyoVision’s 3G system, you are said to not only able to show patients what you can feel through palpation, but you can also demonstrate the effectiveness of treatment over time with quantitative data. With concise, reproducible, and attractive graphic reports, you can communicate your findings more effectively, helping enable both you and your patient to see the benefits of treatment.


  • Static test is said to take half the time by measuring two levels simultaneously
  • Performs combined ROM and Dynamic sEMG exam
  • Wirefree scanners help reduce clutter
  • Smaller USB powered hub helps increase portability for screenings
  • Updated software helps increase performance and productivity
  • Featured in the AMA’s “Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment”


Sold By: Myovision
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