ProSun WaterWave

Company: ProSun International
Address: 2442 23rd Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33713
Phone: 800-874-2776
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Description: ProSun WaterWave from ProSun International is designed to provide rapid and full-body benefit and enhance the effect of treatments given by chiropractors. Its designed to relieve the client’s discomfort and pain, stimulate the flow, drainage of the lymphatic system, and make connective tissue easier to stretch. It will also help relax the superficial muscles and increase the circulation making the client’s tissue more prepared for deeper work by the practitioner.

Its jets of warm water and therapeutic heat help provide a pain-relieving effect and increased circulation helps deliver vital oxygen to the body while removing impurities. The WaterWave was manufactured to conform to the user’s body and helps deliver the perfect pressure without bone and joint irritation. The client will have no contact with chemicals, lotions, and does not require disrobing. Speeds, session times and body zones can be adjusted through the hand-held control.

  • Available in 110 or 220 volt.
  • Space efficient at only 21 square feet.
  • Features a personal massage control system.
  • Offers soothing therapeutic heat.
  • Features a power flow glide system.
  • Can be combined with skin rejuvenation on the top.


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