PAIN Terminator Analgesics

Company: Golden Sunshine USA Inc.

Address: 2880 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA 92821

Phone: 800-798-3977

Web site:

Description: Golden Sunshine’s Pain Terminator analgesic products are formulated with herbs that are anti-inflammatory and anti-edema, and designed to promote circulation of innate intelligence (chi). The analgesic cream is a natural herbal formula designed to penetrate deeply and give lasting relief from inflammatory joint diseases like arthritis and bursitis as well as other chronic conditions. The analgesic patch uses a piezoelectric ingredient that emits a far infrared frequency.


  • Sold exclusively through licensed professionals
  • Natural/herbal
  • Advanced far infrared technology
  • Therapeutic – Not just counter irritant
  • Long lasting/efficacious


Sold By: Golden Sunshine Usa
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