G5 Massage Machines

Company: General Physiotherapy, Inc.

Address: 13222 Lakefront Drive, St. Louis, MO 63045

Phone: (314) 291-1442

Web site: http://G5.com

Description: G5 Massage Machies are the “Gold Standard” worldwide for heavy-duty deep massage; trigger-point reduction; muscle relaxation; lymphatic drainage; pre-adjustment and post-adjustment pain relief and for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. G5 Massage Machines are easy to use; never require service and your patients will LOVE the great G5 feeling.


  • 25 average life! With NO servicing ever!
  • Great feeling! Patients WANT to come back!
  • EASY to use. NO training required!
  • Quiet, but VERY powerful! DEEP penetration!
  • Used world-wide! LONG history of Safe usage!
  • NEW modern styling! Same great effectiveness!


Sold By: General Physiotherapy
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