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Company: Atlantic Footcare

Address: 70 Locust Lane, Unit B, Oakland, RI 02858

Phone: 401 568-4918

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Description: Professional Full from Atlantic Footcare is designed to enhance motion control and alignment to aid in reducing and minimizing the incidence of knee and lower back pain, especially for workers standing on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. This is a size specific orthotic program, with 11 molds to help provide the best fit possible at the arch in a prefabricated insole. The thinner profile is designed to allow this insole to fit into most styles of shoes. Professional insoles are covered with a fabric designed to reduce shear force and friction as well as to control moisture inside the shoe.


  • Features 11 molds for truer size fit
  • Can be used in place of floor mats
  • Vy-Gel elastomer heel for extra shock absorption
  • Anti-friction fabric helps reduce shear


Sold By: Atlantic Footcare
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