Company: BodyZone LLC

Address: 3000 Old Alabama Rd.

Phone: 770-922-0700

Web site:

Description: PosturePractice from BodyZone offers posture rehab tools including PostureZone analysis software, assessment grids, training manuals, patient education and corporate lectures, screening banners, posters, and online continuing education. is home to the Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) program, a comprehensive certification in the StrongPosture protocols as taught by international posture expert, Steven Weiniger, DC. The program offers online and live courses, posture assessment and rehab tools, and webinars on building, marketing, and branding your own PosturePractice.


  • Brand yourself as the local posture expert
  • Step-by-step rehab exercise protocols
  • Posture and balance exam procedures
  • Marketing and branding materials to build your PosturePractice
  • Posture assessment tools and protocols
  • Join the international network of posture professionals
  • Sold By: Bodyzone
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