SpinalAid Centers of America

Company: SpinalAid Centers of America, Inc.

Address: 2650 McCormick Dr. Ste. #190 Clearwtaer, FL. 33759

Phone: (800) 542-3784

Web site: http://www.spinalaid.com

Description: Is your Decompression Table sitting vacant? Once effective marketing no longer generating the draw it used to? Do your expenses continue to rise as profits dwindle? SpinalAid Doctors answer no to those questions. Call and find out why.


  • National Call Center For All New Patient Inquiries
  • Virtual Doctor ROF & Patient Activation Kiosk
  • National Media Buys & Placements
  • Ongoing Training, Managment, & Technical Support
  • Constantly Creating New Marketing Materials, Prodcuts, Etc.
  • National Media Coverage From Multiple Outlets


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