Ortho-Arch custom foot orthotics

Company: Foot Management Inc.

Address: 7201 Friendship Road

Phone: 410-835-3668

Web site: http://www.footmanagement.com

Description: Ortho-Arch custom foot orthotics from Foot Management Inc. are computer generated from the patients cast and are designed to fit easily into the show. They are manufactured from EVA, which is marketed as a durable, long-lasting material available in various densities. The Ortho-Arch II is designed to aid in shock absorption, pressure relief, and biomechanical control, while remaining flexible and allowing the foot to be a mobile adapter. They are standard full length devices, but can readily be cut to the toe crest or metatarsal heads.


  • Full-length orthotic
  • Shock absorbing base
  • Biomechanical control
  • Cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Pressure relief


Sold By: Foot Management
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