On-site Electrodiagnostic Testing

Company: Integrated Practice Resources, LLC

Address: 2600 North Military Trail

Phone: 888-395-4007

Web site: http://www.ipr-management.com

Description: On-site Electrodiagnostic Testing from Integrated Practice Resources LLC aims to allow you to improve patient care, conduct, oversee, and grow your practice utilizing onsite services, which include needle EMG, NCV, somatosensory and dermatomal evoked potentials, and ultrasound imaging.


  • HIPAA and STARK compliant
  • Trained technicians arrive with everything required to perform EDX testing
  • Specialized neurologists and radiologists provide timely, expert reports
  • You receive objective documentation for workers’ compensation and other insurance claims
  • Assistance with billing and insurance verification
  • Provides increased patient convenience and satisfaction


Sold By: Integrated Practice Resources
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