Company: Surface Medical Inc.

Address: 1238B 12 Avenue SW Calgary, AB Canada

Phone: 587-227-7535

Web site:

Description: Nuvaply Tear-Care patches from Surface Medical Inc. are marketed as a welcome addition to any chiropractic practice. All chiropractors experience minor tears on their treatment tables, and damaged tables present an expensive and embarrassing problem for clinic owners. Reupholstering is costly and means you do not have the use of your table, which directly affects your revenue. Nuvaply helps stop the spread of damage. You can also use Nuvaply to protect tables by applying patches before damage occurs and, with Nuvaply’s specially designed adhesive backing, your patch will not peel or lift.


  • Super easy peel-and-stick application
  • Fantastic look and design
  • Long-lasting adhesion
  • Four year shelf life
  • Highly durable vinyl
  • Bacterial and fungal resistant
  • Sold By: Surface Medical
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