Nubax Trio

Company: Jobri

Address: 520 N Division St, Konawa, OK 74849

Phone: 800-432-2225

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Description: Nubax Trio from Jobri is designed to provide targeted relief for the spine, relieve discal pressure, increase circulation, and promote the natural healing process. It is marketed as an affordable and practical way to practice effective spinal traction in the home, safely and comfortably. It’s designed to offer a gentle and relaxed form of traction that is said to be friction-free. It’s designed to hold shoulders square to spine, pulling the spine straight. It’s designed to assist you in maintaining patient comfort and prevention of chronic conditions. It’s marketed as being easy to store, transport, set up, and use. It’s also marketed as being accommodating to a variety of body shapes and sizes. A clinical trial by the University of Western Australia found that patients who underwent a combination of physiotherapy treatment along with regular use of the Nubax Trio had more improved quality of life and physical function than those with physiotherapy treatment alone.


  • Drug-free and natural
  • No uncomfortable after-effects
  • Includes free instructional DVD


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