Mild Hyperbaric Chamber

Company: Newtowne Hyperbarics

Address: 1106 Market Street, Pocomoke, MD 21851

Phone: 410-575-4220

Web site:

Description: Mild Hyperbaric Chambers from Newtowne Hyperbarics are FDA cleared for use in offices and homes and operate at 4psi/1.3 ATA. Under this pressure, the levels of oxygen in the blood are increased. Increased levels of oxygen aid in healing, especially in areas of inflammation, which is seen quite often in chiropractic.


  • Marketed as the mild hyperbaric chamber provider that manufactures the entire product in-house
  • Large size selection: 24′, 31″, 38″ and 45″
  • Viewing ports have hard covers to prevent bulging under pressure
  • Aeronautical grade buckles and straps for safety
  • Our triple zipper configuration provides extra security and includes an airtight zipper
  • Free shipping within the continental USA
  • Sold By: Newtowne Hyperbarics
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