Lower Back Spider

Company: SpiderTech

Address: Boise, ID

Phone: 866-270-1753

Web site: www.spidertech.com

Description: Lower Back Spider from SpiderTech is said to be the first and only company to provide the innovation of a convenient, standardized and easy to use pre-cut and ready to apply application, made of one single piece of Kinesiology tape. The applications have been designed to integrate with the body in a functional manner. Each product has been designed specifically for use on predetermined areas of the body. The Lower Back Spider can help with the following conditions: joint strain, improved athletic performance, muscle strains, postoperative rehabilitation, and muscle spasms. All SpiderTech applications and tape are made from the industry trusted Nitto Denko Kinesiology tape manufacturer from Japan, with more than 30 years of proven clinical results.


  • Decreased minor pain and enhanced lower back stability while still being able to move freely
  • Aids in the prevention of further injury and provides protection during healing
  • The material is made of a high-grade 100% cotton with a 100% ply-acrylic adhesive
  • There is no latex in the product therefore making it hypoallergenic
  • The tape is water-resistant and breathable, and can be worn for many days
  • The adhesive adheres well to the body and does not leave any residue when removed


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