LT 100 EverTrac Lumbar Support

The EverTrac Lumbar Support with Assitive Postural Support (APS) assists in everyday sitting posture by supporting the lower back while seated at a desk, on a train, bus or plane, watching TV, at sports events, any time both feet are flat on the floor.
With the EverTrac LT100 strapped on to the lower back and knees, the Lumbar Region is supported by the force countering from your knees. It acts like an invisible chair.
The counter-pulling force from the knees pulls the lower back forward and serves as an Assistive Postural Support (APS) for the lower back. As a result, the lumbar region is pulled forward and keeps the back naturally straight while performing day-to-day seated activities.\

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Available in two sizes, regular and large| Easy to use and adjust| Does not affect circulation in the knees/legs, waist, or back| Belt folds into its own carry case