LSI System IV Interferential Muscle Stimulator

Company: LSI International

Address: 640 Miami Avenue Kansas City, KS 66105

Phone: 800-832-0053

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Description: LSI System IV Interferential Muscle Stimulator distributed by LSI International offers both true interferential and premodulated interferential therapy. It’s designed for relief of chronic, intractable pain and/or acute, post-traumatic pain, relaxation of muscle spasm, prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy, muscle re-education and maintaining or increasing range of motion. It’s marketed as user friendly and features a microprocessor controlled for precise operation. It’s intended to provide versatility of treatment from four channels (8 electrodes). It aims to allow treatment at two sites simultaneously. Side A and B provide separate timer and frequency control. The System IV comes with 8 packs of 2 inch by 2 inch and 8 packs of 2 inch by 4 inch electrodes.


  • Designed to allow for very fast payback on investment
  • Purchases can be tax deductable
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