Low Back Kit

Company: MassageBlocks.com

Address: 3982 Powell Rd, Ste. 137

Phone: 800-326-1972

Web site: http://www.massageblocks.com/chiroeco

Description: The Low Back Kit from MassageBlocks.com can be used to perform gravity based trigger point therapy to the low back targeting the erector spinae and mutifidus. Applies 30 percent of body weight directly into the tools. For example: For a 160lb individual that is 45lbs of continuous pressure.


  • Wholesale opportunity: Differentiate your practice by offering a quality self-care program
  • Made of a heavy, slightly tacky and latex free rubber
  • No mechanical parts or batteries required
  • Attractive, professional quality, durable tools
  • Includes massage tool and base
  • Special introductory offer for new customers
  • Sold By: MassageBlocks.com
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