King Bio SafeCareRX Upper GI RestorationTM

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Address: 3 Westside Drive, Asheville, NC 28806

Phone: 800-543-3245

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Description: King Bio SafeCareRX Upper GI Restoration is designed to help activate the body’s ability to improve general health, digestive functions, and intestinal immunity. It’s intended to relieve abdominal tenderness, irritability, gas, bloating, and rumbling in the bowels as well as relieve cramps, nausea, toxicity, diarrhea, constipation, food that lies undigested.


  • Marketed as containing 24 strains of enzymes and digestive components to activate regulation and mai
  • Marketed as containing 10 intestinal hormone regulators (bowel nosodes) to activate and maintain a h
  • Marketed as containing 13 homeopathic ingredients that correct a broad spectrum of upper GI issues
  • All King Bio-produced natural medicines are marketed as being in a pure water base containing no alc
  • Marketed as having no side effects or contraindications or known reactions with other drugs
  • Marketed as having no known allergic reactions or toxic chemical poisoning potentials
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