King Bio’s SafeCareRX Fatigue Relief for Mind & Body

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Address: 3 Westside Drive, Asheville, NC 28806

Phone: 800-543-3245

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Description: SafeCareRX Fatigue Relief for Mind & Body by King Bio reduces physical, mental, and emotional burnout, that could arise overwork, long-term stress, lack of sleep, illness, and nervousness. The product is also formulated to relieve exhaustion, indifference, muscle weakness, and blood-sugar imbalances. Fatigue Relief for Mind & Body is not a stimulant and each ingredient is registered as an approved drug by the FDA.


  • Promotes restoration of nervous system and vibrant state of strength and stability.
  • No side effects or contraindications or known reactions with other drugs.
  • No known allergic reactions or toxic chemical poisoning potentials; non-habit-forming.
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