Extentrac Elite

Company: Spine Care Technologies, Inc.

Address: 240 Glen Head Road, P.O. Box 255, Glen Head, NY 11545

Phone: 1-844-701-0107

Email: info@sctny.us

Web site: www.spinecaretechnologies.com

Spine Care Technologies is a sophisticated medical technology equipment developer and sales agent whose flagship product, Extentrac® Elite has a proven record of safety and effectiveness in non-surgical, drug-free, disc and spine care treatment for more than 20 years. Healthcare professionals worldwide have confirmed excellence in clinical outcomes in the management of low back pain. Our mission is to leverage existing technology and develop next generation therapy devices for “first resort” drug-free therapy.


  • 3-axis spine positioning, mobilization & disc decompression
  • Efficient treatment time 10-20 minutes
  • Treatment positions: Supine, Prone, Gravitational, Antalgic
  • Hands-on manual therapy and/or automated treatments

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