Company: Atlantic Footcare

Address: 70 Locust Lane, Unit B, Oakland, RI 02858

Phone: 401 568-4918

Web site: http://www.prothotics.com

Description: Diasole insoles are pre-engineered orthotics designed and developed to meet the total contact needs of people with diabetes, arthritis, or other conditions that result in sensitive feet. PDAC coded A5512, Diasole is Medicare reimbursable when dispensed as part of the Therapeutic Shoe Bill. Diasole features a heat-moldable polyurethane base and a top layer of Microcell, a “skin-soft” heat moldable foam that provides maximum comfort against the foot. As is true of all Prothotics insoles, Diasole is made in the USA.


  • PDAC coded A5512
  • Microcell top layer
  • Heat-moldable polyurethane base


Sold By: Atlantic Footcare
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