Custom orthotics

Company: MojoFeet

Address: 4925 S Santa Fe Drive Suite 400

Phone: 855-665-6522

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Description: A custom orthotic that is truly custom, casted in a high-arched, high-energy position for optimal clinical results. At MojoFeet we believe we are all made to move and that movement is the foundation of health. We use the latest biomechanical research to drive the development of the orthotic and are focused on what an orthotic can do for the entire kinetic chain, not just the foot. Our custom orthotics control pronation while providing a spring for energy transfer back to the foot during gait. We believe being on your feet should be easy; it€™s what we were made to do.


  • Made by chiropractors for chiropractors
  • Truly custom
  • Casted and manufactured in a corrective position
  • Research-focused
  • 3-D digital casting system available


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