Carpal Solution Therapy

Company: First Hand Medical

Address: 3434 East 7800 South, Suite 328

Phone: 800-798-5210

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Description: Carpal Solution Therapy from First Hand Medical is a natural stretching orthotic that is worn at night and passively stretches the soft tissue around the carpal tunnel during sleep. It is said to work for 97 percent of people. Carpal Solution therapy is not a restrictive splint nor is it a rigid wrist brace, it is comfortable and gently restores flexibility, enhances circulation, and relieves pressure on the median nerve. Once the pressure is gone, carpal tunnel syndrome is over. Chiropractors can offer it to patients and use it themselves to keep their hands at full strength.


  • Helps relieve carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Allows patients to avoid expensive, high risk surgery and steroid injections
  • The Carpal Solution is reimbursed by health insurance
  • Allows you to offer patients a reliable therapy that works without taking up a lot of time


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