Company: Trufit Biomechanics Labs

Address: 9561 Satellite blvd, Suite 30B

Phone: 321-202-2800

Web site:

Description: Trufit is the leading manufacturer of individually engineered CAD/CAM corrective foot orthotics in the USA. Every pair of truly
Custom Foot Orthotics, Biothotics„¢ and Biothotics PLUS„¢ is individually designed and manufactured in the USA
using advanced technologies, based off your patient’s foam impression or casts to correct postural and biomechanical imbalances.


  • Direct milled truly custom foot orthotics
  • CAD/CAM designed
  • biomechanically correct
  • high quality German ortho-leather
  • MyCore material
  • Lifetime Replacement on Orthotic core fractures
Sold By: Trufit Biomechanics Labs
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