Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray

Company: Performance Health Inc.

Address: 1245 Home Avenue

Phone: 1-800-246-3733

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Description: Biofreeze Pain Relieving Spray from Performance Health Inc. is formulated with natural menthol, MSM, ilex, and a new blend of botanical ingredients, such as arnica, calendula, chamomile, Echinacea, juniper berry, and white tea. The product is intended to provide improved performance and longer lasting pain relief for those hard-to-reach areas. The product is available in 2, 4, and 16 oz. bottles and complements Biofreeze Gel and roll-on products.


  • Travel friendly
  • Now with MSM
  • More natural extracts
  • Longer lasting
  • Now with calendula, chamomile, and Echinacea
  • Improved performance


Sold By: Performance Health
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