Bax-U Posture Support

Company: Bax-U

Address: 1534 West 25th St., San Pedro CA 90732

Phone: 866-866-2225

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Description: The Bax-U Correct Posture Support System is a high-quality posture brace designed to promote better posture for everyday lifestyle challenges. The Bax-U is made with a soft silk/polyester/spandex material with elastic straps. It is designed to correct posture, reduce back and neck pain, and promote a strong spine. Ideal for working on the computer at the workplace or at home, the Bax-U is a preventative measure against slumping over.

It€™s a 21st-century solution for your patients to prevent spinal degradation and improve muscle and spine function.

The Bax-U is a Medicare approved (DME) devise and reimbursable under many PPO insurance groups.


  • It€™s simple and easy to wear. Invisible under clothing.
  • It€™s functional, helping to fix bad posture in the computer age
  • Help your patients posture effectively and increase your revenues
  • VIP Partner program: wholesale pricing with excellent margins
  • Wear from 30 minutes to six hours per day


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