Company: New Beginning Enterprises

Address: POB 17705, Missoula Mt. 59808

Phone: 406-396-0309

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Description: BALIMO from New Beginning Enterprises is a 3-dimensional chair that works to enhance posture, balance, and build core muscle. The following may be achieved using BALIMO: strengthening of the trunk muscle in the lumbar pelvic area; positive effects on the back, neck, and head muscles; mobility increase of the pelvis and spine; better feel for balance; boost of physical well-being; and activation of disturbed nerve and muscle connections. BALIMO can be used for neurological rehabilitation, such as with stroke victims or patients suffering from MS or Parkinson disease, and patients with slipped discs including damaged nerve roots.

Features: </strong

  • Seat has 360 degree rotation with a limit plate to help keep the seat from tilting to far
  • Marketed as stylish in any setting and fits well at a desk in the office
  • Can be used in the office, gym, or the stable. Can be taken when you travel.
  • Marketed as stable, does not roll
  • Positive continuous passive motion
  • Works well with other types of exercise, chiropractic, and therapeutic methods
Sold By: New Beginning Enterprises
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