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Description: Dr. Cohen’s HEATABLE Acuball (1 min. in microwave generates over 60 min. heat) empowers patients to release tight muscle and joint areas and saves practitioners hands!
Used by professional athletes, over 1,000 rehab clinics and called a ‘Must Have for Back & Neck Pain by Dr. Oz.
Patented design uses 100% natural acupressure and heat – patient relaxes onto tight areas for 3 minutes. Notable improves myofascial and spinal joint contractions within 1-2 uses.
Comes with FREE online training for patients so they can train themselves – saving you valuable time.


  • HEATABLE – 1 min. in microwave or 12 min. boiling generates over 60 min. heat
  • Spine Align Belt – recessed central groove allows users to lie fdirectly on tight spinal segments e
  • Precision nib design creates muscle release with minimal discomfort from body weight alone
  • Comes with web based learning program included – patients train themselves on-line!
  • Fully portable & simple to use.
  • Excellent travel companion.
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