Acme Posture Partner

Company: Hall International

Address: 4561 Shingle Oak Ln

Phone: 325-374-2026

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Description: Acme Posture Partner from Hall International is designed to provide better posture support, which can aid in improved digestion, easier breathing, and enhanced overall comfort. Designed to aid in spinal alignment and comfort, the complete five piece set is made of durable vinyl with fleece covers. The back piece straps to a chair and two cushions attach one on each side, with hook and loop to provide lateral support, while the remaining two cushions may be used under arms or knees for support and comfort. The two sizes of cushions allow for use as lumbar, head, or neck support.


  • May be used in most any type chair, including straight back, wheelchair, geri-chair, recliners
  • Washable fleece covers and wipe clean vinyl have anti-microbial and flame resistant treatment
  • Restraint-free
  • Helps the user sit more upright and relieves pressure areas
  • May be used in bed for positioning and safety
  • May be adapted for anyone at any age, young or old


Sold By: Hall International
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